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Connecting people, proactive and result-oriented for over 15 years

At Bambelo, we are not guided by opinions and assumptions. Our staff know that you can only make good decisions if you first create hypotheses and then validate them. Of course, we do so in an environment that nurtures a pleasant working atmosphere.

The three driving forces behind Bambelo

Bambelo cannot grow and flourish without the right mix of qualities. These skills are what we look for in all our staff.

1. Proactivity

"Proactive" is such a buzzword, but in our case it really does apply. Everyone in our organisation has the authority to do what is required in their respective role. We therefore place the decision-making power with the person most directly involved in an organisational unit.

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2. Result

Everything we do must of course create added value. This applies both to the business and definitely also to the personal development of our colleagues. The end result plays a pivotal role in the decisions we make.

3. Pleasure

You can only be a dedicated worker if you also have fun doing the work. That happens when you do what you are good at, but also when you work in an environment that encourages you to make your own decisions. You can only excel if you are given the opportunity and incentive to do so. And regular parties in our own BamBar help too, of course.

Now, the figures:

"You'll be joining an organisation where you're given a lot of freedom and responsibility. Everyone is hugely ambitious and data-driven, just like Bambelo. You'll also be working with very sociable colleagues in an informal setting. That's something that really appeals to me."
SEA specialist - Jesper van Nijnatten
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Are you ready for a company that does things differently and really looks at the person behind the colleague? Do you want to work hard in an international organisation where you're not just a number? And should it be sociable too? If so, be sure to let us hear from you.

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